Friday, November 22, 2013

Caffeine and Blood Pressure

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Every morning many of us look for the tea,coffee, energy drinks and soda to help us rise to start the day. We also as human beings tun to caffeinated drinks or that chocolate bar when we are pressed for time or have a long night ahead. Is it really working or are you immune to the effects? When it comes to blood pressure, caffeine may or may not effect blood pressure.
A normal blood pressure is generally along the following guidelines with some flex.
BP Stages
210/120 Very high
160/100 High
140/90 Borderline high
130/85 High/Normal
120/80 Normal
110/75 Low/Normal
90/60 Borderline low
60/40 Low
50/33 Very low
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Let's look at some of the reasons that caffeine raises blood pressure. As caffeine causes blood pressure to rise it blocks a hormone that is located within the arteries. As a result of the hormone called adenosine being blocked. Adrenaline is also produced giving the stimulation and increase ones blood pressure. As the effects on blood pressure and caffeine are yet to be confirmed. This making the long term debate over blood pressure and caffeine ongoing.

In past experience as a caffeine drinker in excess I have found my blood pressure to rise. After changing my drink of choice to water and less caffeine I felt more at ease as my blood pressure went down. I have found that it is in part of the intake and diet that can increase blood pressure. I also find that excessive use of caffeine decreases the amount stimulant as ones body may become immune to the effects. However, since caffeine has a stimulant it is considered a drug. Like any other drug it can cause withdraw symptoms. When I was stopping the use of caffeine I had to do it gradually. Otherwise, symptoms such as headache and fatigue. 

One may want to consult with a physician as this blog is for information purposes only and is not to be utilized as expert advice.

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