Saturday, November 23, 2013

Don't Rush Me

         Please don't rush me. My child is gone. I will never hold his hand again. Share in his happiness or his sorrow. This is the grief parents feel when they loose a child. Grief so strong it controls yours life. You try so hard to not let it but does. Please don't tell us to "Let it go". "Don't dwell on it" . "We need to go on with our lives." The list goes on & on what people have said to me and other parents. Do you know how hurtful these words are to us? If you don't know what to say. Hugs us,. Hold  us tight. Hugs mean more to me than anything else. It showed you cared. You felt our pain. The holidays are near. We feel the loss of our child. But no one is near to dry our tears. Please don't turn your back or walk away when we feel the need to talk. We feel safe with you. But you walk away. Become silent. We need you so much right now. Please don't become a stranger. Bring up our child. Yes,it may bring tears. But happy tears. Talking about memories. This is all we ask. So hard with the holidays when you look around and that special person is not here and your heart aches so much. Just a simple glimpse of anything will make you think of them.

 We all travel the slow journey through the grieving process in our own way, our own time as long as  It's never easy, always so hard and as individuals we continue to ask ourselves "why"so many times However, we have to believe there is a better place for them where we will meet once again. Rather than shed tears one day we will think of them and  smile as we remember their beautiful smiles and  their eternal spirit.

Grief seems to be a solitary journey. No one but you can mourn the silence. There is no such thing as unresolved grief, for grief can never be resolved, just lived with, endured, day by day.

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